Questions for your Caterer

Are you planning a large social event, wedding, or corporate function? We have come up with 5 important questions to ask your caterer. These 5 questions are important as they may be selling points in your search for the perfect caterer.

Whats included?

It’s important to know what your caterer is including with their menus. Not only to know what you need to get but also to know whether the price point is worth it. How much extra work will you need to do? Will you need to source out your own plates & cutlery? Do you need to compare rental prices elsewhere? 

When choosing a caterer, not many people think about the little details – such as salt & pepper shakers or water pitchers for the tables. Does your caterer supply these? Or do you need to make sure your guests are well hydrated for your event?

If coffee and dessert service is on the menu, will your caterer be supplying the plates, forks, and mugs? Will they have cream and sugar available? Maybe you want other condiments to be available, such as honey, milk, sweetener.

Most all inclusive caterers will have these items available for you or can add them on if requested. Here is what we include with our All Inclusive Menus:

  • Dinner plates & cutlery
  • Dessert plates & forks
  • White linen napkins
  • Water & wine glasses
  •  Water pitchers
  • Salt & pepper shakers
  • Coffee mugs & teaspoons
  • Buffet Linens
  • Service Staff

Do they have linens?

It’s good to ask whether or not your caterer has linens – whether they are included or available to rent. It’s always good to have everything rented and handled from one place rather than sourcing it all out for yourself. If your caterer has linens to rent, that is perfect, as they will likely set up them up for you as well! 

If you prefer to have the linens setup before your caterers arrive, you can always pick them up ahead of time and pass them along to your decorating crew!

Does the menu include staff?

Make sure you have all your bases covered. Will there be staff on site to help serve the food? Do you need to delegate some volunteers to help at the buffet or during the clean up? 

If staff is included, how long do you have them for? Will they be available til the end and will they pack up everything to bring back with them? Or do you need to collect and return equipment/dishes at a later date?

Do they have bar service?

It is true that food and drink go hand in hand. But, in some cases, not all caterers offer bar services. It’s good to ask if this is something that you were hoping for. Even if they do not have bar services they can probably direct you to some highly recommended companies. 

Or, if you not looking for bar service but would like to have drinks at your event (ie; sparkling water, pop, juice, etc.) ask about these options as well! Chances are, it is something your caterer can accommodate. 

What does the cleanup involve?

If your caterer won’t be staying until the end of the night, what does their cleanup involve? Will they ensure the kitchen is how they left it? Will they take all their equipment at once? Will they leave some behind? It is always good to know how much you will be left with after the event for cleanup so you can make sure to have some volunteers on hand. And many caterers might not advertise staying until the very end, but they might offer it for an additional rate – just ask! 

Inquire about our All Inclusive Menus! Send us an email and ask – whats included? do you have linens? are staff available? what about bar service? and how much will you cleanup?