Warm Hearty Meals to Keep you Warm this Winter

Just when we thought it would be an early Spring, Winter comes in at full force! 

What better way to keep your staff warm through this cold snap, than with a warm hearty lunch

Here is our top 3 recommended hearty lunches to keep your staff warm this month…

  1. Rainy Day Lunch
    • Fresh Cobs buns & butter
    • Wild greens salad with a cranberry balsamic vinaigrette
    • Creamy pasta salad
    • Beef Chili (vegetarian options available)
    • Freshly baked cookies
  2. Homemade Soup & Sandwich Lunch
    • Assorted wraps and sandwich platter (Gluten free options available)
    • Caesar salad with our signature house creamy Caesar dressing
    • Potato salad
    • Chef’s homemade soup (vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free options available)
    • Freshly baked cookies
  3. Hot Beef Dip Lunch
    • Toss Salad
    • Greek pesto pasta salad
    • Hot beef dip sandwich with gravy on the side
    • Freshly baked cookies

Did you know…

  • Our breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus include all the equipment to keep your food hot, serving utensils, biodegradable plates, cutlery, and paper napkins. 
  • We include basic condiments as well (ie; crackers for your soup or ketchup for your eggs). 
  • Our chef’s are happy to accommodate any guests dietary needs and/or allergies (ie; celiac meals, dairy free meals, vegetarian plates, vegan meals, and more).
  • We don’t just deliver your food – we take the time to set up your buffet nicely so guests can start lunch right away!

We are currently working out the details for a few more hearty lunches that we know you will enjoy! Inquire with us about our soon to be new menus

  • Coconut Thai Rice Bowl Lunch
  • Panini & Soup Lunch