The Ultimate Winter Wedding Buffet.

Winter Wedding – Apple Cider Signature Drink

It can be tough picking the perfect buffet for your Winter Wedding if you’re not sure what’s in season. If you’re having dreams of sweet corn and Savoury Steaks grilling on the BBQ, you’ve planned your wedding a few months too late!

Winter is the season for delicious comfort food, hot coco, and snuggling up with your favourite person. It’s a time to be merry and get Married! So what’s on the menu for your Winter Wedding? Here’s our thoughts on what goes on a Winter Wedding menu…

A Signature Drink to fit the Occasion

Hot Apple Cider fits well with a Winter Wedding. Guests can have it served as is or spice things up with their favourite spirit – check out this blog on Bustle for, “10 Ways to Spike this Wintertime Favourite.

Festive Buffets

Chef Stu – Carving Roast Beef

When you think of Holidays what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, its carved Roast Beef, Turkey or Ham. An oven baked Honey Ham carved by a Chef is sure to bring that Festive feel to your buffet. Served with hearty and bright Roasted Root Vegetables and delicious Homemade Scalloped Potatoes, your crowd will definitely be satisfied.

Don’t forget to throw in some healthy yet festive salads such as our Pesto Pasta Salad and our Beet Root Spinach Salad.

Chefs Tip: when deciding on your salads for the buffet, make sure you have an even amount of leafy vs. starchy (pasta or potato). You don’t want to over stuff your guests with heavy salads before the main entrée!

Dessert, don’t forget the dessert!

Pie Bar – Estate 248 Venue

Winter season screams dessert! Fresh baked goods, warm drinks, and pretty much Homemade anything. Setup a pie bar with a variety of different pies – from berry to lemon meringue and pecan to pumpkin!

Chefs Tip: an assortment of at least 6 different flavours on your pie bar will really make it stand out. Using wooden crates, wood rounds, books, or anything to adjust the height of your pies on the table will give it a clean-cut look.

Another simple yet impressive Winter Wedding attraction would be a Hot Coco bar. Make your hot chocolate ahead of time and have an assortment of candies and chocolates in mason jars for guests to add in their cup. Make sure you provide tongs, stir sticks, milk, and some Baileys for the adults!

Get some more inspiration from this beautiful Winter Wedding we had the honour of attending at the UBC BoathouseCozy Winter Wedding