What to Expect from your Caterer on your Wedding Day.

We know how much hard work you have put into making this day special and as your Caterer we want to make sure you enjoy it! As an All Inclusive Wedding Caterer we provide a Full Service Catering Experience. From the gravy ladle to the salt & pepper shakers on your table, we include it all!

The Setup

At Ritz Catering we setup what we bring with us and our All Inclusive Wedding Menus include everything needed to have your Wedding Reception.

  • Plates & Cutlery
  • Water & Wine Glasses
  • Linen Napkins
  • Water Pitchers
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Dessert Plates & Forks
  • Buffet Linens

As your Wedding Caterer we show up 1 to 2 hours prior to your guest arrival. We coordinate with your Wedding Decorator to ensure your guests arrive to a fully set Wedding Reception. Just before your guests arrive our Team will place cold water at each table and we will replenish them throughout the night. To make your day perfect, we can also help with other tasks, if time permits.

  • Setting out table wine. Read about our alcohol policies here.
  • Placing guest favours at each seat.
  • Refilling the cupcake tier.
  • Cake cutting (its complimentary!)
  • Contact us for any other tasks.

After you have chosen the Perfect Menu we make sure your Wedding Buffet is picture perfect! We stagger your cold Menu items such as your Platters and Salads, we will provide labeled menu stands, so guests know what they are eating, and of course all the serving utensils and dishes are provided along with our buffet linens.

Team Work

If you added on our Appetizer package our Team has it covered. At your scheduled cocktail hour we will have servers walking around the venue with Appetizers in one hand and napkins in the other, serving your guests. Our team will even organize to make sure the newlyweds get some Appetizers!

We have an amazing Team that coordinates together and makes sure the Buffet is never empty. There will servers plating hot food as your guests come down the line, a Chef will be carving your Roast Beef, and there will be a couple Servers in the back replenishing the Buffet as needed. Once your guests have gone for seconds our Team works together to remove the Buffet and setup for Coffee, Tea, and Dessert.

The Cleanup

After dinner and speeches, our Team will start clearing tables. If you are a UBC Boathouse client we will stay until the very end to make sure all of our equipment and dishes return with us. We will remove the garbage’s and leave the kitchen as clean, if not cleaner, than the way we came in.

For our other Wedding clients, we will clear as much as possible before our departure time. We leave behind all crates needed for plates, cutlery and glassware to make it easier for transport. Before our Team leaves we will speak with your Day of Coordinator who will sign off on what was left behind. We can also arrange for our Team to stay until the end of your Wedding night, if needed.

Whether you have already Booked Ritz Catering or are still looking for your Wedding Caterer, feel free to contact us anytime with your Questions! We want to make sure you have a great Wedding Catering experience. The food is always one of the things guests take away from a wedding, besides beautiful the Bride looks, so we want to make sure it is perfect!